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Nixon & Blake Wrestle and Fuck Bareback at Sean Cody

7 November 2016

Over the years, school wrestling practice has probably been one of the most common places for men to discover that they are heteroflexible rather than simply straight. When a group of buff, all-American guys dressed in leotards are grinding and groaning on each other as they battle for dominance, you shouldn’t be surprised if someone pops a woody (or accidentally creams his leotard.) Shit just happens […]

Sebastian Fucks Jayden (His First Time Bottoming) at Corbin Fisher

12 September 2016

What could be hotter than two gorgeous young Corbin Fisher models, you ask? How about two of them who look like they could be a pair of horny, real life brothers getting it on? With that thought in mind, you’re sure to enjoy this scene even more than you would have otherwise. You can thank […]

Dixon and Quinn Swap Loads at Corbin Fisher

17 July 2013

In this hot new bareback scene from Corbin Fisher, sexy young hunks Dixon and Quinn fuck bareback in the shower and then swap loads. We kid you not. One minute they're cumming, and the next thing you know they're kissing and doing the old swapety swap-swap! Dixon is one of Corbin Fisher's most outgoing dream […]

Aaron Summer and Chase Coxx Fuck Bareback at Raw Fuck Club

7 May 2013

how to get ex girlfriend back Dear Mom and Dad: I know that this will come as a huge disappointment to you, but I can no longer go on living a lie. Back in Mississippi, you raised me to be a racist and you taught me to practice hatred, discrimination, and segregation. But now that […]

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