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Damon Dogg in Fuck'd Stoopid at Naked Sword

30 July 2013

In a kindergarten classroom, the kids who follow the rules are the stars. But once those same kids get out onto the playground, it's the badboys who get all of the attention! That's pretty much how things work in the gay porn world, too. A lot of gay porn consumers will tell you that they […]

Drew and Sage Fuck Bareback at Breed Me Raw

23 July 2013

Sage Daniels wouldn't make a very good spy. He has far too many exploitable weaknesses. If you wanted information from Sage, all you'd have to do is show him a black bubble butt in a jock strap. Before you knew it, he'd be spilling more secrets than Edward Snowden. Luckily, Sage did the U.S. Intelligence […]

Aaron Summer and Chase Coxx Fuck Bareback at Raw Fuck Club

7 May 2013

how to get ex girlfriend back Dear Mom and Dad: I know that this will come as a huge disappointment to you, but I can no longer go on living a lie. Back in Mississippi, you raised me to be a racist and you taught me to practice hatred, discrimination, and segregation. But now that […]

Antonio, Champ, and Kriss In A Raw Threeway at Bareback That Hole

25 April 2013

The only thing worse than a shameless whore is an indecisive whore. It’s an understandable conundrum, though. When you have an eclectic sexual appetite, it can sometimes be hard to decide who to fuck. Luckily, there’s an easy way out – you can do more than one guy at once! That ends up being the […]

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