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Timber Harvest from Southern Strokes

23 January 2019

In this hot new bareback scene from Southern Strokes starring Aiden Ward and Timber Harvest, Aiden is hungry for dick – so he asks sexy personal trainer Timber to come coach him through a “workout” at the infamous Strokers Athletics Club. The Strokers Club has quite a reputation, so Timber knows exactly what he’s signing up for, […]

Justin and Xavier Fuck Raw at Southern Strokes

21 December 2018

Modeling can be a tough business. No matter how good looking you might be, you won’t be the right person for a lot of modeling campaigns – so you have to be prepared to steel your ego against constant rejection. In addition, the intimate bond of trust and playfulness that arises when a good photographer […]

Jake Andrews Fucks Evan Lance in Bareback Boyfriend Swap!

30 November 2018

How can two betrayed guys get even after their partners have an affair together? They can hook up and fuck raw! That’s the solution chosen by Evan Lance and Jake Andrews in this hot scene from Bareback Boyfriend Swap by Lucas Entertainment. The two muscular jocks both have sexy beard scruff, hairy chests, and bubble butts – so […]

Justin Matthews & Nico Leon Fuck Raw at CockyBoys

21 November 2018

Ready to meet a brand new CockyBoy? Then check out this hot new bareback scene starring Justin Matthews and new exclusive Nico Leon. His debut scene is sensual, intense, and condom-free with lots of vocal roleplay and playful sex. Lurking behind Nico’s sweet exterior is a seductive, bold, and naughty boy who doesn’t hold back […]

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