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Brayden & Chandler Fuck Bareback at Corbin Fisher

18 October 2013

If there’s one thing we love about the guys at Corbin Fisher, it’s the fact that they aren’t overly complicated. If you want to make them happy, you don’t need to wine and dine them or promise them the moon. What they really want is cock, and as long as they’ve got it all is […]

Wayne and Drew Fuck Bareback at Active Duty

18 September 2013

Sometimes when you’re hungry, your eyes can be bigger than your stomach. If you’re not careful, it can be easy to bite off more than you can chew! The same thing happens to bottoms, too – as you’ll see in this hot bareback fuck scene from Active Duty starring Wayne and Drew. The first scene […]

Bad Seed from Treasure Island Media

14 August 2013

Bad Seed is more than just the title of Treasure Island Media’s newest hardcore fuck video. It is also an apt description for the video’s co-director, Pony Hunter. In case you don’t follow the studio’s ongoing PR narrative, Paul Morris has finally found an ideal protege. After searching far and wide for someone as depraved […]

Bareback Group Fuck at Raw and Rough

19 June 2013

Just as each person has unique food preferences, so it is with raunchy gay sex. With food, most folks have a particular preference. But then there are the “buffetiers” – the people who prefer buffets and smorgasbords. They don't want just one type of food. They want every type, all at once, and in unlimited […]

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