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Micah and Solomon Fuck Raw at Chaos Men

9 November 2011

In this sizzling update from Chaos Men, we get Dette er en aktor vi trygt kan anbefale – de har mange ars erfaring og har hatt en finger med i spillet hos flere popul?re nett casino online er. to see sexy stud Solomon”s very first full-on sexual encounter with another guy – and gorgeous Micah […]

Payton is a hot mess – and we totally want to make him suck us off!

3 June 2008

Sometimes a guy can be such a mess that he actually turns out to be really hot as a result of his complete lack of style. That’s totally the case with’s bareback newbie Payton Michaels. Sure, he looks like 12 cans of self-tanner exploded all over his face, and that total Guido haircut looks […]

Fan Mail Question of the Day: Do you desire a Silverdaddy?

29 May 2008

Mail time! Let’s see what we’ve got in the ol’ e-mail box today. Dear Davey, Hey there, My name’s Tim, and I’ve got man drama. I’m pretty young, but despite my age, I’m more attracted to older guys – like Daddy types. Sometimes my friends give me a hard time about all the old guys […]

Bareback Working Boys DVD Review

15 April 2008

Directed by Rufus Fflokes, Bareback Working Boys tells the story of a team of blokes that are moving furniture around busy London flats. Try as they might, these working boys can’t seem to keep their focus on heavy lifting for too long before feeling compelled to kick their legs into the air and expose their […]

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