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Real-Life BF's Chris and Dan Fuck at All Real Bareback

6 August 2013

In the mood for some hot bareback reality porn? If so, you're sure to love this recent scene from All Real Bareback starring real-life couple Dan Reck and Chris Heck. These two german jocks are a happy couple with lots of shared interests. One of their favorite mutual pursuits is sportswear. These guys go nuts […]

Mr. Load’s Wild Ride – UK Gangbang at TIMFuck

31 July 2013

A lot of people like to think of London as being the poster city for polite, civilized behavior. But behind the manicured gardens and the quaint, double-decker buses lurks a wild and wooly bareback underground. At any time of the day or night, you can find London’s most shameless bareback butt-fuckers ramming their big English […]

David and Ivo Fuck Bareback at Kristen Bjorn

5 June 2013

They say that home is where the heart is. But it's also where the hard is, as you'll see in this hot new bareback scene from Kristen Bjorn starring David Smetak and Ivo Kerk. This scene is from Lover's Lane 13 and it begins with David and Ivo at home having dinner after a long […]

Sasha Gets Fucked Bareback for the First Time at Bel Ami

21 February 2013

Some things can't be rushed. Euro-twinks, for example, are a lot like a fine wine or cheese. It's possible to rush their development, but for the best outcome you should just sit back and let nature take its course. You can see how such patience eventually pays off in this . Bel Ami has been […]

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