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Christian and Lewis Fuck Bareback at TIMFuck

23 August 2013

Porn fans aren’t the only ones who watch porn. Porn stars watch it, too. In fact, a lot of the models at Treasure Island Media actually applied to the studio because they were fans. Sometimes the porn watching habits of porn stars can affect who they end up doing scenes with, too – which is […]

Sam and Steve Fuck Raw at All Real Bareback

21 August 2013

It's always fun to see a new porn star's very first scene. Even if they're a bit nervous, you can usually get a real sense of what kind of performer they are going to be. This hot new condom-free fuck scene from Alpha Males starring Sam Porter and Steve Rilla is actually Sam's first time […]

Danny and Drew Fuck Bareback at TIMFuck

30 April 2013

They say that it pays to advertise, and that’s a concept that proves very true for Drew Sebastian in this hot new bareback fuck scene from TimFuck that features Drew with Danny Blue. When you’re a hardcore ho, appearing in porn scenes is almost obligatory. After all, the only way to get on top of […]

Dick Disco and Drew Driver Fuck Raw at Bareback That Hole

9 April 2013

Dick Disco and Drew Driver are a pair of nasty, hardcore sex pigs who live to fuck. If there’s one good thing about sex pigs, it’s the fact that they are very reliable. Looking for a sex pig? Check the sex club. Want to get a sex pig’s attention? Pull out your hard cock. Want […]

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