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Reality Star Steven Daigle Stars in Cum Whore from Treasure Island Media

25 September 2013

It’s always nice when a studio practices truth in advertising, and that’s exactly what we get in Cum Whore from Treasure Island Media. Headlining this loveletter to load lust is none other than reality-TV-star-turned-porn-outlaw Steven Daigle, which adds an intriguing touch to this tale of men who crave loads. This is Daigle’s first foray into […]

Sam and Steve Fuck Raw at All Real Bareback

21 August 2013

It's always fun to see a new porn star's very first scene. Even if they're a bit nervous, you can usually get a real sense of what kind of performer they are going to be. This hot new condom-free fuck scene from Alpha Males starring Sam Porter and Steve Rilla is actually Sam's first time […]

Real-Life BF's Chris and Dan Fuck at All Real Bareback

6 August 2013

In the mood for some hot bareback reality porn? If so, you're sure to love this recent scene from All Real Bareback starring real-life couple Dan Reck and Chris Heck. These two german jocks are a happy couple with lots of shared interests. One of their favorite mutual pursuits is sportswear. These guys go nuts […]

Drew and Sage Fuck Bareback at Breed Me Raw

23 July 2013

Sage Daniels wouldn't make a very good spy. He has far too many exploitable weaknesses. If you wanted information from Sage, all you'd have to do is show him a black bubble butt in a jock strap. Before you knew it, he'd be spilling more secrets than Edward Snowden. Luckily, Sage did the U.S. Intelligence […]

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