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Bad Seed from Treasure Island Media

14 August 2013

Bad Seed is more than just the title of Treasure Island Media’s newest hardcore fuck video. It is also an apt description for the video’s co-director, Pony Hunter. In case you don’t follow the studio’s ongoing PR narrative, Paul Morris has finally found an ideal protege. After searching far and wide for someone as depraved […]

Drew and Sage Fuck Bareback at Breed Me Raw

23 July 2013

Sage Daniels wouldn't make a very good spy. He has far too many exploitable weaknesses. If you wanted information from Sage, all you'd have to do is show him a black bubble butt in a jock strap. Before you knew it, he'd be spilling more secrets than Edward Snowden. Luckily, Sage did the U.S. Intelligence […]

Bareback Truckstop Fourway With Piss Play at Raw and Rough

12 February 2013

No matter how boring or innocent some neighborhoods seem, they almost always have at least one sleazy truckstop restroom where gay men can be found blowing each other under the stall walls or fucking bareback against a battered hand dryer. You can check out just such a truckstop in this hot new scene from Raw […]

20 Studs Seek Bareback Bliss in Liam Cole’s Overload from Treasure Island Media

6 February 2013

how to get your ex girlfriend back Treasure Island Media has always been a studio bent on pushing limits and going as far over the top as humanly possible, but Liam Cole’s Overload manages to take dirty debauchery and base buggery to brand new levels in this 120-minute long, HD fuckfest. Overload stars 20 horny […]

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