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Fuckathon 3 from HDK Raw

3 January 2014

Have you ever wondered what really goes on in the secret gay dungeons of Palm Springs? Our first guess was that there’s probably a lot of bickering about trivia related to Broadway musicals, Sondheim, Patti Lupone, home decor, etc. Technically, we’re probably right – but that’s what happens AFTER all of the raunchy, sleazy leather […]

Damon Dogg in Fuck'd Stoopid at Naked Sword

30 July 2013

In a kindergarten classroom, the kids who follow the rules are the stars. But once those same kids get out onto the playground, it's the badboys who get all of the attention! That's pretty much how things work in the gay porn world, too. A lot of gay porn consumers will tell you that they […]

Damaged Goods at Treasure Island Media

16 April 2013

In typical Grand-Guignol style, Treasure Island Media has produced another lurid crowd pleaser with their new release Damaged Goods. This project is a collaboration between T.I.’M.’s Paul Morris and porn industry legend Nick Moretti that brings together Brad Mcguire, Antonio Biaggi, Chad Brock, Morgan Black, Rowdy McBeal, and other studs for a series of wild, […]

How To Throw A Bareback Sex Party

12 March 2013

Have you ever wanted to throw a bareback sex party, but felt unsure about where to start? If so, you'll appreciate this hot new bareback instructional video from Raw Fuck Club starring Brandon, Jessy, Morgan, Dominic, and Blue. The video is mostly just a demonstration, but we think we can spell out the details now that […]

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