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Calvin and Mark Fuck Bareback at TimFuck

30 January 2014

If you want to learn to fuck like a pro, here’s your chance. Get out your notepad and your dick – and then check out this hot new bareback fuck video from TimFuck starring Calvin and Mark. These two masculine muscle daddies clearly have a passionate lust for each other, which is always the ideal […]

Brad Mcguire and Morgan Black Fuck Bareback at TIMFuck

8 January 2014

Sex is like anything else in life – it’s easy to get into a rut. Even guys who perform regularly for Treasure Island Media can sometimes get bored with the status quo, so it’s important to switch things around now and then – and that’s what Morgan does in this hot bareback fuck scene from Treasure […]

Tyler and Draven Fuck Bareback at Breed Me Raw

29 August 2013

Some things in life needn’t be said. They’re just obvious. For instance, when Tyler Reed walks into a room, no one asks who is going to be the top. Because at 6’4″ tall and 265 lbs., a Sasquatch-sized sex machine like Tyler Reed is clearly in charge! In this hot new bareback scene from Breed Me […]

Bareback Group Fuck at Raw and Rough

19 June 2013

Just as each person has unique food preferences, so it is with raunchy gay sex. With food, most folks have a particular preference. But then there are the “buffetiers” – the people who prefer buffets and smorgasbords. They don't want just one type of food. They want every type, all at once, and in unlimited […]

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