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Draven and Mike Fuck Bareback at Raw Fuck Club

9 October 2013

Whether you’re a top executive facing a heated negotiation or a housewife haggling for low prices at a farmer’s market, the ability to quickly size a person up can be a very useful skill to have. Surprisingly, the same skill can also be very helpful in a sex club – as you’ll see in this […]

Muscle Men Return at Hot Barebacking

11 September 2013

It has often been said that it takes a village to raise a child. In the same spirit, it can sometimes take more than just one top to raise a bottom – as you’ll see in this sizzling raw threeway from Hot Barebacking. This is actually the first scene from SX Video’s DVD release called […]

Sam and Steve Fuck Raw at All Real Bareback

21 August 2013

It's always fun to see a new porn star's very first scene. Even if they're a bit nervous, you can usually get a real sense of what kind of performer they are going to be. This hot new condom-free fuck scene from Alpha Males starring Sam Porter and Steve Rilla is actually Sam's first time […]

Jerry Plows Drew’s Ass Bareback at Black Breeders

11 June 2013

With some men, everything always has to be a competition. For these ultra-competitive types, even sex can become a contest. However, we don't think you'll mind in this hot new bareback clip from Black Breeders starring Drew Vergas and Jerry Stearns. As the scene begins, Drew and Jerry are locked in a cockhead-to-cockhead Raw Battle […]

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