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Sam and Steve Fuck Raw at All Real Bareback

21 August 2013

It's always fun to see a new porn star's very first scene. Even if they're a bit nervous, you can usually get a real sense of what kind of performer they are going to be. This hot new condom-free fuck scene from Alpha Males starring Sam Porter and Steve Rilla is actually Sam's first time […]

Bad Seed from Treasure Island Media

14 August 2013

Bad Seed is more than just the title of Treasure Island Media’s newest hardcore fuck video. It is also an apt description for the video’s co-director, Pony Hunter. In case you don’t follow the studio’s ongoing PR narrative, Paul Morris has finally found an ideal protege. After searching far and wide for someone as depraved […]

Mr. Load’s Wild Ride – UK Gangbang at TIMFuck

31 July 2013

A lot of people like to think of London as being the poster city for polite, civilized behavior. But behind the manicured gardens and the quaint, double-decker buses lurks a wild and wooly bareback underground. At any time of the day or night, you can find London’s most shameless bareback butt-fuckers ramming their big English […]

Damaged Goods at Treasure Island Media

16 April 2013

In typical Grand-Guignol style, Treasure Island Media has produced another lurid crowd pleaser with their new release Damaged Goods. This project is a collaboration between T.I.’M.’s Paul Morris and porn industry legend Nick Moretti that brings together Brad Mcguire, Antonio Biaggi, Chad Brock, Morgan Black, Rowdy McBeal, and other studs for a series of wild, […]

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