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Jake Andrews Fucks Evan Lance in Bareback Boyfriend Swap!

30 November 2018

How can two betrayed guys get even after their partners have an affair together? They can hook up and fuck raw! That’s the solution chosen by Evan Lance and Jake Andrews in this hot scene from Bareback Boyfriend Swap by Lucas Entertainment. The two muscular jocks both have sexy beard scruff, hairy chests, and bubble butts – so […]

Ace, Devin, and Damon Fuck Bareback at Lucas Entertainment!

10 August 2017

Three is never a crowd at Lucas Entertainment, which you can see for yourself in this hot bareback threeway from Lucas Entertainment starring Ace Era, Damon Heart, and Devin Franco! It’s a scene from the video Bare Tenders, and it starts with Devin Franco and Ace Era kissing and making out. When things start to […]

Zach and Truckee Fuck Bareback at TIMFuck

16 August 2016

If you like scruffy, hairy guys with big dicks and long hair, you’ll love this TIMFuck exclusive bareback video starring Zach Blunt and Truckee Rivers. Zach Blunt is the long-haired sexpot with the big dick. His partner Truckee Rivers is a scruffy bottom with an insatiable hunger for cock. It’s a perfect pairing and the […]

Alex and Peto Fuck Bareback at TimFuck

30 August 2013

Hero worship is usually harmless, and it can even be beneficial if it inspires a young man to strive for greatness. But when fans are able to interact with their idols, they can actually learn from them and come to see them as real people. This is probably what Treasure Island had in mind when […]