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Behind the Smut: Drunk Pups at Deviant Otter!

27 December 2018

If you like your otters with attitude, you’ll like this recent scene from Deviant Otter starring Pup and Jay Donohue! As the scene begins, Pup and Jay have been drinking. They had filmed a scene earlier in the day and had been boozing it up ever since. In a moment of sad drunken reflection, Pup realizes […]

Antonio Biaggi and Tate Ryder at Raw Fuck Club

9 August 2013

In some ways, a good bareback top is a lot like a lion tamer – and you can see what we mean in this hot new bareback fuck scene from Raw Fuck Club starring Antonio Biaggi and Tate Ryder. Aussie hunk Tate Ryder is what we'd call a ferocious bottom. Just like a lion, Tate's ass can get […]

Bareback Big Guns from HDK at Naked Sword

18 June 2013

If there's one thing that Hot Desert Knights has never been known for, it's holding back – as you'll see in this hot new clip from HDK's Bareback Big Guns at Naked Sword. The film stars Antonio Biaggi and Jayson Park, along with Chad Brock, Champ Robinson, Dick Disco, Drew Driver, and Kriss Aston. The […]

Danny and Drew Fuck Bareback at TIMFuck

30 April 2013

They say that it pays to advertise, and that’s a concept that proves very true for Drew Sebastian in this hot new bareback fuck scene from TimFuck that features Drew with Danny Blue. When you’re a hardcore ho, appearing in porn scenes is almost obligatory. After all, the only way to get on top of […]

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