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Two Cocks In One Hole at Hot Barebacking

8 November 2013

Is it possible for a bottom to OD on cock? After watching this bareback double penetration scene, we have to say that the answer is probably no! The clip below is from scene two of Two Cocks in One Hole at Hot Barebacking.  As the scene begins, a sexy bottom is manhandled and casino jameshallison […]

Juan’s Bareback Gangbang at TimFuck

4 June 2013

They said that it couldn’t be done, but Latin stud Juan has finally succeeded in turning his passion for bareback bottoming into a successful career. Against all odds, Juan has earned a place in the annals of history as a world-class, professional cum ho. The journey was often long and rock hard, but Juan learned […]

Damaged Goods at Treasure Island Media

16 April 2013

In typical Grand-Guignol style, Treasure Island Media has produced another lurid crowd pleaser with their new release Damaged Goods. This project is a collaboration between T.I.’M.’s Paul Morris and porn industry legend Nick Moretti that brings together Brad Mcguire, Antonio Biaggi, Chad Brock, Morgan Black, Rowdy McBeal, and other studs for a series of wild, […]

Clark and Mason Enjoy a Locker Room Sling Fuck at HDK Raw

17 January 2013

Locker rooms can be dangerous places. With so much testosterone in the air, men can start to act a bit like animals. At times, a hot guy walking into a steam room blind is like a baby gazelle waltzing into a hungry lion's den. Anything can happen in a locker room, and in this hot […]

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