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Byron and Troi at Chaos Men

9 July 2015

Chaos Men seems to have a knack for finding guys who can shoot multiple loads in quick succession. Either that, or Chaos Men is just really good at pairing up the models in such a way that they always end up having phenomenal sex. Whatever it is, they’ve done it again in this hot new […]

Sooner Or Later, They All Bottom

4 March 2014

Sometimes the straight guys who dabble in gay sex at Chaos Men start off saying that they are only willing to be tops. That’s easy to understand, since a lot of straight guys have hang-ups about being fucked. But after they’ve seen one bottom after another begging to have their asses pounded, even the most […]

Easton and Trenton Fuck Bareback at Corbin Fisher

19 September 2013

Over time, we’ve noticed that Corbin Fisher’s models tend to go through several different stages during their development. In the first stage, they’re often hesitant and can barely bring themselves to touch another guy. At that point, you’re lucky if you can even get them to participate in a mutual jerkoff session. In the second […]

Brant and Tom Fuck Bareback at Corbin Fisher

23 May 2013

how to get your ex back They say that familiarity breeds contempt, but in this hot bareback scene from Corbin Fisher starring Brant and Tom, familiarity just leads to breeding! Brant started out 100% straight, but as time goes by he is slowly progressing down the road to bisexuality. Recently Brant hit a little bump […]

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