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Raw Threeway With Franco, Joss, and Rebel at Chaos Men!

15 February 2017

Want to know how to have great sex? Try new things! It’s a simple idea, but it works – and you can see an example in this versatile bareback threeway from Chaos Men starring Franco, Joss, & Rebel. Joss and Rebel were both very new to guy-on-guy action. Neither of them had ever been fucked […]

Cooper and Solomon Fuck Bareback at Chaos Men

13 February 2014

The models at Chaos Men are always hot, but the site’s creators have really outdone themselves with this hot new bareback scene starring Cooper Reed and Solomon Aspen. The two muscular jocks are both gorgeous and very well built, and the strong attraction between them leads to a really wild and surprising scene. The action […]

Cooper and Troi Fuck Bareback at Chaos Men

7 February 2014

When it comes to making jokes and insulting each other, straight guys love to talk about being “fucked up the ass.” But often those constant references to gay sex betray a secret desire to try it. When push comes to shove, many straight men fantasize about feeling another guy’s dick in their ass. If you’d […]

Brayden & Chandler Fuck Bareback at Corbin Fisher

18 October 2013

If there’s one thing we love about the guys at Corbin Fisher, it’s the fact that they aren’t overly complicated. If you want to make them happy, you don’t need to wine and dine them or promise them the moon. What they really want is cock, and as long as they’ve got it all is […]

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