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You Gotta Earn It – Tristan & Caleb at 8TeenBoy

1 August 2018

If you want an A in biology class, you have to do the homework. Likewise, if you want to make a nice creampie, you have to turn on the heat and pop that mofo in the oven. That’s just how life works most of the time, and it’s a lesson that Caleb Gray and Tristan Adler have fun […]

Blake Mitchell & Joey Mills in ‘Mine’ from Helix Studios

18 July 2018

Relationship drama is the theme of “Mine” from Helix Studios, a new bareback scene starring Blake Mitchell and Joey Mills. As Blake and Joey wrap up a night on the town, Joey confesses to Blake that he’s been unfaithful. Always the pragmatist, Blake sees it as an opportunity rather than a crisis. Since Joey is so desperate for […]

“Leave Dignity @ Door” From Sketchy Sex

2 July 2018

At a recent surprise press conference, Sketchy Sex representatives implored the men of Weho to “Leave dignity @ door” in order to help address the growing problem of cock hungriness that is plaguing the country. When they revealed that even in the Sketchy House there were men going to bed “hongry” for cock, you could have heard […]

Josh Brady and Landon Vega in Just Friends from Helix Studios

13 June 2018

If you’re allergic to commitment, living with roommates can be a great way to have your cake and eat it too. It seems to work well enough for Josh Brady and his roommate Landon Vega in this hot new bareback scene from Helix called Just Friends. As the scene begins, Landon comes home late from a date […]

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