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Austin, Preston, and Sage Play "Human Centipede" at Bareback That Hole

7 August 2013

In this hot new scene from Bareback That Hole starring Austin, Preston, and Sage, the three hunks get into so many different positions and formations that they almost start to resemble a male cheerleading squad! B (clap clap clap) A (clap clap clap) R (clap clap clap) E (clap clap clap) BACK (clap clap clap). What […]

Mr. Load’s Wild Ride – UK Gangbang at TIMFuck

31 July 2013

A lot of people like to think of London as being the poster city for polite, civilized behavior. But behind the manicured gardens and the quaint, double-decker buses lurks a wild and wooly bareback underground. At any time of the day or night, you can find London’s most shameless bareback butt-fuckers ramming their big English […]

Dixon and Quinn Swap Loads at Corbin Fisher

17 July 2013

In this hot new bareback scene from Corbin Fisher, sexy young hunks Dixon and Quinn fuck bareback in the shower and then swap loads. We kid you not. One minute they're cumming, and the next thing you know they're kissing and doing the old swapety swap-swap! Dixon is one of Corbin Fisher's most outgoing dream […]

Bareback Group Fuck at Raw and Rough

19 June 2013

Just as each person has unique food preferences, so it is with raunchy gay sex. With food, most folks have a particular preference. But then there are the “buffetiers” – the people who prefer buffets and smorgasbords. They don't want just one type of food. They want every type, all at once, and in unlimited […]

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