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Fan Mail Question of the Day: Do you desire a Silverdaddy?

29 May 2008

Mail time! Let’s see what we’ve got in the ol’ e-mail box today.

Dear Davey,

Hey there, My name’s Tim, and I’ve got man drama. I’m pretty young, but despite my age, I’m more attracted to older guys – like Daddy types. Sometimes my friends give me a hard time about all the old guys I date. Is it wrong to like a guy with so many rings around his trunk?

Worry not young Tim – Age is just a number, and nothing more. In fact, I read somewhere that a man only reaches his sexual prime by the age of 50. Or maybe than was 15? Either way, chances are one of your will be close to your best sexual health ever!

jake cruise ass licking


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n it comes to the art of older man lovin’, there’s none more inspirational than JakeCruise.com. In case you’re not familiar, this older Silverdaddy has been charming the pants off young guys on his site for a long time now, and loves to get fucked raw by some of the cutest kids on the block. Take a look at his latest catch, muscle bound Justin Riddick, who lodges his huge dick right in Jake’s ass, all to his pleasure. After seeing how much fun these two have together (they’re all smiles, aren’t they?), it’s enough to make you want shake down the nearest retirement home in hopes of catching your own timeless beauty.

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