Michel’s First On-Camera Bareback

Written on 13 December 2019 by

Bel Ami has been doing “Training” videos with a Bel Ami pro and a bareback newbie – really hot, fun scenes.  This scene features ‘pro’ – the dark and handsome Rocco Alfieri – and ‘trainee’, Michel Seberg. Although this is their 1st time on camera together, Rocco has been guiding Michel though his training process off camera.

Michel states that he had never had sex with a guy before joining Bel Ami and ended up being a little too enthusiastic when he first fucked Rocco and didn’t give him a chance to loosen up at all before starting to fuck him hard.  You can see that the two have formed quite a bond, and as their rock hard cocks and massive loads demonstrate, they really enjoyed this fuck session.  Bel Ami always presents the most beautiful boys and this scene is no exception.  I love the super clear closeups and hot tongue action.   Fuck, these boys are hot!

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Brent Everett Returns Getting Barebacked!

Written on 1 December 2019 by

Brent Everett makes his CockyBoys debut opposite Manuel Skye in his long-awaited return! One of our favorite “Alphas”, Manuel exerts control from the get-go, sitting across from Brent while stroking their cocks and engaging in sex talk. As Manuel instructs him, Brent poses, strips, and puts on a teasing show which increasingly excites Manuel. After Brent plays with his ass, Manuel comes up behind Brent and hungrily eats his ass.

Soon Manuel slides in his cock to fuck him and Brent responds by working his butt on Manuel’s cock. In no time, Manuel turns Brent around to make out & manhandle him, stroke their cocks together, and get him to suck his cock. Manuel continues to exert physical & vocal force as he finally sucks Brent deep and flips him backward to rim his smooth hole. Manuel soon goes into full power top mode thrusting deep into Brent before picking him up and fucking him in mid-air.

Manuel shows off his strength, keeping Brent aloft even as bounces up and down on his cock. He then lifts him higher and effortlessly sucks his cock. Brent returns the favor, sucking Manuel down to his balls. Brent slides down onto Manuel’s waiting cock and rides him, taking every deep thrust.

In the middle of this, Brent stands up twice and Manuel’s own precum drips out! He slurps it up and feeds to Brent before returning to eating his ass and sucking his cock. After all this, Brent turns around and rides him again until Manuel puts him on his back again to pound him deep until he pulls out and shoots a massive load all over his crotch and hole. He fucks it into Brent and drives a huge cum geyser out of him. Manual slurps up his own load and shares a loaded kiss with Brent and sweet, satisfied smiles.   This was well worth the wait for the return of Brent Everett!








Pierre Fitch Makes Badpuppy Debut, Gets Fucked

Written on 20 November 2019 by

Celebrating his 20 years in the industry and in the best shape of his career, Pierre Fitch makes his debut on Badpuppy and gives his bubble butt up to ripped silver daddy, Manuel Skye.  Our two hot studs barely make it through the interview before Pierre is on his knees in front of Manuel deep-throating his thick, uncut cock.

From the start, the electricity between these two is over the top.  Pierre can’t get enough of Manuel’s cock as he’s all but gagging on it as it continuously pounds the back of his throat.  Manuel starts oozing precum and Pierre eagerly eats it off Manuel’s fingers.  Pierre stands up in front of Manuel and while Manuel fingers Pierre’s hole he also chows down on Pierre’s long, thick cock.  Pierre begins face-fucking Manuel while Manuel jerks his own rock-hard dick.  Pierre kneels down on all fours, with his ass in the air.  Manuel buries his face into Pierre’s ass, shoving his tongue as deep as it will go, priming Pierre’s hole for his ass-spreading dick.  With Pierre completely worked up and ready to go, Manuel pushes his cock all the way into Pierre’s tight, muscular hole.  Manuel begins pounding fast and hard and Pierre is loving every inch of Manuel’s huge piece of meat.

Manuel flips around to sit down on the sofa and Pierre climbs on top, slides down onto Manuel’s cock and the intense fucking continues.  Pierre lays back on the sofa, legs in the air and Manuel continues the ass pounding.  It’s about all Pierre can take as he grabs his own cock and starts jacking it.  Manuel fucks him over the edge and Pierre dumps a creamy load of jizz all over his hot abs.  Manuel pulls out and literally coats Pierre in a thick load of cum, squirting it all the way up to Pierre’s face.







Drew Dixon Banks Fucks Colby Tucker Raw

Written on 10 November 2019 by

Halloween may be over, but NakedSword isn’t finished thrilling us with hot new scenes from Scared Stiff 2: Amityville Whore.  In a desperate attempt to cleanse their new house from all its evil, Dante Colle and Calvin Banks call ‘The Ghost Guyz’, Drew Dixon and Colby Tucker, to have a look around. When the ghost hunters start investigating, they make their way to the attic. While trying to find ghosts, they hear a demonic voice scream, “suck his cock!”.

Overcome by an inexplicable power, Drew is coaxed down to his knees and suddenly finds Colby’s cock in his mouth. The ghost hunters can’t believe what’s happening, but also can’t seem to stop. Drew works his ghost-hunting buddies thick stick up and down his shaft and down to Colby’s balls. Colby somehow wants a taste of Drew’s uncut meat and sinks to his knees to savor every inch Drew can feed him. Eager for more, Colby bends over some junk in the attic, prompting Drew to bury his tongue deep into Colby’s hole. He works Colby’s crack until it’s slick with spit so he can slide his bare cock into Colby’s butt.

Bent over doggy-style, Colby takes the rough pounding from Drew with pleasure. Drew keeps drilling Colby deep, mounting his ass hard, until Colby wants to go for a ride on Drew’s raw member. Colby rides Drew down to the base before getting on his back and taking deep strokes from Drew’s cock. Drew keeps drilling his buddy’s hole until he shoots his thick load onto Colby’s spent ass, then slides his cock back in. With Drew back inside his ass, Colby dumps his load onto his heaving abs. After they both finish, Drew and Colby are harassed by the demonic voice again, yelling “GET OUT!”

To be honest, the scariest thing about this scene was the amount of Kleenex I had to use to get through the scene.  Boo-tyful!








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