Chaos Men’s Kellan Chestnut Barebacks for the First Time

Written on 20 October 2019 by

Cooper Reed & Kellan Chestnut seemed to have a great time during this video, the chemistry was hot!

This scene marked Kellan’s first time bottoming. Cooper Reed has a nice long “lean” cock which is perfect for first-timers. He worked slowly and tentatively trying to ease this newbie into the ass fucking.

Kellan is way into fitness training and Cooper is right up there in the ripped category, and though Kellan towers over him, they have comparable energy here. Quite a bit of body worship going on in this video.  Both guys throw themselves into this video. LOTS of kissing!  Kellan had no problems taking a cock, and was even able to cum from being fucked on his first bottoming scene!

Let’s hope these boys will be back for more!  Kellan’s ass while probably be even more eager now that his cherry has been broken!





Jack and Asher: Bareback on Sean Cody

Written on 27 September 2019 by

Jack and Asher: Bareback (that’s what we love about Sean Cody is all the barebacking!) starts out with these two hotties enjoying a playful time on the beach, shooting each other with water guns before they really start spraying each other.  Jack and Asher are a cute pair – Jack is the All-American muscle guy and Asher is smaller and Latino – a nice contrast of flesh and body types, especially for the up-close fucking shots.  Jack’s ass is a huge bubble, and he starts the scene already with a hard-on poking out from his shorts, he’s ready to go!  Get a box of Kleenex, this clip is over 40 minutes long.  Jack fucks Asher a few times, with multiple loads being shared…muy caliente!








Helping Hand from Southern Strokes With Corey Law & Vitali Kutcher

Written on 18 August 2019 by

Helping Hand from Southern Strokes With Corey Law and Vitali Kutcher

Helping Hand from Southern Strokes With Corey Law and Vitali Kutcher

Helping Hand from Southern Strokes With Corey Law and Vitali Kutcher

Horny twinks Corey Law and Vitali Kutcher manage to turn a casual coffee date into an evening of raw fucking in Helping Hand from Southern Strokes! When Vitali invites Corey over to hang out, he is secretly hoping that the two of them can get naked, and from the moment Corey arrives it’s clear that they both have the same thing on their minds: getting off! After Corey blows Vitali for a while, they swap places and then get down to the bareback fucking. Like any good host, Vitali makes it clear that “Mi casa es su casa” and also “My ass is your bareback fuck hole!

48-Hour Sex Party at Sketchy Sex

Written on 3 August 2019 by

All Day All Night at Sketchy Sex

All Day All Night at Sketchy Sex

All Day All Night at Sketchy Sex

We hadn’t checked in on the guys at Sketchy Sex for a while, so we decided to have a look-see. Turns out, they’re just as crazy as ever, and they even have a well known porn star in residence! The scene “All Day All Night” was put together using footage from an epic sex party that went on for a marathon 48 hours. But considering that porn star Jack Hunter was in the house, we can’t blame them for not wanting the party to end. Apparently the Sketchy Boys abandoned all self respect in the pursuit of loads, but that’s pretty much par for the course at the Sketchy House. You’re in for a wild ride with this group sex scene, which also stars Nic Sahara, Jacob Griffith, Joey Bones, Espen, and Alex Meyer.

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