The Return Of Sean Zevran

Written on 4 April 2020 by

Sean Zevran & Rhyheim Shabazz are together again…for the first time at CockyBoys! In this condom-free rematch, Sean returns to welcome Rhyheim, self-produced porn star and though they’ve filmed before, they have all the enthusiasm of first-timers. Their friendly but powerful sexual chemistry abounds from the start as Sean gulps down Rhyheim’s long boner while Rhyheim fingers and devours Sean’s big muscular ass…and neither can get enough!

At one point Rhyheim lifts Sean upside down while rimming him and Sean sucks him back in a vertical 69 before they’re in horizontal position Sean taking as much cock in his throat while Rhyheim eats his ass. Soon it’s just Sean sucking him deep, with a little help, before Rhyheim gets behind him and drills down on his wet hole. Rhyheim owns Sean’s hole and body before flipping him back against him to thrust up into him and let Sean ride his powerful cock.

Rhyheim soon plows Sean from the side and on his back right to the edge of the bed. With his cock imbedded inside him, Rhyheim picks up Sean and sits on the love seat so the muscular bottom can ride him hard in both directions and take his powerful thrusts. With super-human sexual stamina, Rhyheim turns Sean around to fuck him in a pile driver.    Rhyheim soon pulls out to spill his cum over Sean’s hole and breeds him with continuous deep fucking. Rhyheim slurps up what jizz remains and gives Sean a protein kiss. Then Rhyheim lets him suck his still-hard cock which excites Sean to the point of lying back and shooting his own thick load. Before he’s even finished Rhyheim slurps it up, drools some over Sean’s hole, fucks it into him, and fingers his hole with a little more jizz…all just for Sean!







The Thirst Is Real

Written on 28 March 2020 by

Tattooed stud Sebastian Kross is making out with beardy, pierced Brogan Reed. Their cocks are hard and ready to get some action. Brogan sinks to his knees and slurps down Sebastian’s massive tool. Washboard abs flexing, Sebastian relishes the blow job. Brogan works the whole shaft, moving from teasing the tip with his tongue to deep throating the entire shaft. It’s an impressive feat, but Brogan manages to swallow Sebastian’s whole manhood.

Sebastian moves to appreciate Brogan’s perfect bubble butt by giving him a rim job. Brogan’s huge balls hang low as Sebastian probes Brogan’s hole with his tongue. Thick, frothy spit rolls down Brogan’s crack and drips off his balls. With his hole wet and ready, Brogan sits on top of Sebastian’s cock and gets a hell of a ride. Thrusting up from below, Sebastian’s balls swing up and down with the rhythm of their fucking. Brogan uses his thick legs to raise and lower himself on Sebastian’s meaty shaft.

Rolling on his back, Brogan throws his legs in the air and opens up for a vigorous pounding from Sebastian. Brogan’s furry ass looks amazing with Sebastian’s meat right in the middle of it. Sebastian positions Brogan on the ground and blows a gigantic load right onto Brogan’s furry chest; then Brogan’s cum arcs out of his cock in massive spurts.


Johnny Hazzard Is Back, Gets Fucked!

Written on 9 March 2020 by

He’s baaaaaack!  Porn favorite, Johnny Hazzard is back in action with a hot scene from NakedSword.  Johnny’s been gone for a bit but we are glad he’s returned.  Known for his nice sized cock, he actually is in the bottom seat, getting fucked hard.  He looks more mature, a bit hairier, and a bit thicker – he is all daddy!

This scene is the finale of NakedSword’s A Murdered Heart.    Johnny Hazzard, has arrived – he’s sitting in his parked car, thinking back on the day his wife left. Nothing is as it seems when the surprising truth is revealed. He flashes back to explore the secrets he hid that brought him to this point. In his memory, he comes home to makes sure his wife and son aren’t there, and he signals for an unexpected guest to sneak in. When the coast is clear, Jessy Ares makes his way in, and the two waste no time ripping each other’s clothes off.   Johnny is the first to sink to the floor and get Jessy’s massive member down his throat. Jessy wants a taste too, so Johnny gets on top to 69 as Jessy rims his hairy hole. Eager for more, Johnny offers up his hole and Jessy delivers, sliding his girthy meat deep inside Johnny.

After taking it on his back, Johnny rolls over to take the full power of Jessy’s cock before riding on it one last time to completion. With Jessy’s pole planted firmly up his ass, Johnny strokes out a thick load that lands all over the floor. Married man Johnny gets down on his knees once more to get his face covered in the hairy man’s load.







Ashton Delivers His Ass to Riff

Written on 1 March 2020 by

We first met Ashton over on back in January, so we are very happy that he has made this crossover onto so quickly and joins the beautiful Riff.  The scene starts with a nice and slow massage session, ending with a concentration on Ashton’s beautiful, tight hole.  It seemed to work wonders in getting both guys in the mood for love.

The massage quickly turns to a passionate blowjob, with a focus on Ashton’s pretty lips around Riff’s long cock, he clearly is enjoying this and, before long, Riff’s dick is wet and throbbing.  Riff jerks Ashton’s equally beautiful dick while they kiss gently, eager for fucking.  Riff eases Ashton on all fours and starts to pound his welcoming ass.  Ashton’s ass cheeks are smooth and round and bounce around Riff’s thrusting dick.  The two boys are tall, lean, hairless and gorgeous – twink fucking at its finest.

This is a very early scene for Ashton and his quiet and passive nature is more the result of him not yet being too confident on camera.  He does warm up a bit more towards the end of the clip, but even at his shyest, he is a pleasure to watch, and, according to Riff, also a pleasure to fuck.

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