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Sunglasses Or Jeans At His Delaware River Crossing

As the new George Washington for the annual Christmas crossing of the Delaware River this year, he has high standards. Gerenser, who was selected Sept. 13 to be the new Washington, will hold himself and his troops to a higher criterion than the re enactor he replaces and perhaps higher than the general himself did in 1776.

"We’re all human and we’re living in the 20th century, so it’s impossible to copy everything exactly, but it’s no excuse to go out in the field with a Styrofoam cup or a Coke in your hand," Gerenser said.

Ray Bans and Reeboks are out, especially if you want to stand next to George, Gerenser told his friends.

Gerenser of New Hopeis a "Far be," as in "Far be it from me to criticize you, but . " This type of re enactor takes war games seriously, so seriously that anything but an authentic replica uniform is looked down upon.

The theory is: If you’re going to be a re enactor, go all the way. Wear the same fabrics and designs of the originals and disdain historically inaccurate weapons or clothing.

The real Washington was struggling to keep his army together in December 1776.

Most soldiers had two weeks to go before their service ended and hadn’t been paid recently. Clothes didn’t matter, but the willingness to follow orders did.

For Gerenser, clothes make the re enactor. He is hoping to bring more authenticity to the re enactment, which has occurred each Christmas Day for the past 45 years at Washington Crossing Historic Park.

The event draws about 500 re enactors and several thousand spectators.

"It’s our duty to the public to get it right," Gerenser said. "The public learns from seeing what we are doing.

"The guys who wear jeans and sunglasses or a woman wearing makeup are only hurting themselves in the process because they are far removed from what they want to achieve," Gerenser said.

The Crossing of the Delaware played a key role in the early Revolutionary War.

Washington and his men launched a successful surprise attack on the Hessians in Trenton, proving to themselves and other colonists that battles
cheap ray bans and perhaps freedom could be won.

For the past 12 years, Washington has been played by James Gallagher, 77. Gallagher was only the third man to portray Washington, having inherited the role from John Kelly, the brother of the late Princess Grace of Monaco.

While last year was Gallagher’s last in the crossing, he plans to continue to portray Washington at other venues.

The George Washington portrayal began on Christmas Day 1952. The originator of the role was New York Theatrical producer St. John
discount ray bans Terrell, who lived in Bucks County.

Gallagher plays Washington as portrayed in the Gilbert Stuart etching on the $1 bill a reserved leader, quietly inspiring awe in his troops and the crowd.

When asked what was the most important part of his performance on Christmas Day, Gallagher says it was striking the pose taken from the Emanuel Leutze painting: Washington, standing bravely upright at the front of the first boat in the crossing, his leg up on a boat rib as if he were ready to leap into action.

"You’re trying to keep it in line with the picture as soon as you get in the boat," Gallagher said. "You never know who’s taking your picture."

Gerenser promises to deliver the painting, but on his terms.

"Everyone wants the painting,"
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"They’re going to get the painting, but it’s going to be with the historical inaccuracies of the painting. We’re limited in what we can do."

One thing the 44 year old Gerenser will not do
cheap ray bans is wear a white wig. When he crossed the Delaware that Christmas, Washington was 33 days older than Gerenser is now.

Gerenser has let his hair grow and put a slightly red tint in it to more resemble the Washington of the Leutze painting.

But don’t get Gerenser started about the painting.

"I am offering a completely different approach to the crossing," Gerenser said. "The original Washington was a consummate entertainer. As for the painting, it is a completely historically incorrect nightmare."Articles Connexes:

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hit Workington bridge confirmed for Monday

This is the third time that the opening date has been put back after the bridge was badly damaged during the floods 15 months ago.

The bridge, which spans the River Derwent, was immediately condemned after being badly battered by raging flood waters. But after months of investigations a decision was made to repair the bridge, rather than knock it down and build a new one.

An opening date was initially given as
cheap ray ban outlet last November but, ironically because of the treacherous weather conditions, the date for vehicles has now been put back until Easter.

Andy Dean, from Connect Roads said: really appreciate the patience and support we have received from the people of Workington while we have overcome the technical difficulties of repairing this famous landmark.

look forward
discount ray bans to handing your fully operational bridge back to you by Easter. preparation work started to remove Barker Crossing footbridge. The Army worked around the clock to build the bridge, which opened just 18 days after the town was split in two by the heaviest rainfall ever recorded in England.

Because Calva Bridge will reopen to pedestrians on Monday, this means that Barker Crossing is no longer needed and will close on the same day. Soldiers will move onto the site the following Monday and work around the clock for around three weeks to remove the bridge.

When the floods, it was thought that Calva Bridge
cheap ray bans would collapse because it had been so severely battered. But Connect Roads, the council managing agent for the bridge, have carried out the challenge and repaired the bridge. No such repair has ever been attempted before.

Before the repair works began, there was a fifty fifty per cent chance that the bridge would collapse while work was carried out.

Councillor Tony Markley, Cumbria County Council cabinet member for highways, said that only three carriageway bridges remain closed to traffic now, and one of these, Northside, has been replaced by a temporary bridge.

He said: Barker Crossing, especially in the immediate aftermath of the floods, has been a fantastic resource for the people of Workington, and I
fake ray bans like to personally thank the Army for all their help and unwavering support throughout this process.

great news that Workington (Calva) bridge is going to be opening to pedestrians in the next few weeks and that it is due to be fully open by Easter. Col Ray Carolin, Joint Regional Liaison Officer for HQ 42 (North West) Brigade in Preston, which erected and will dismantle the Barker Crossing, said: aim is to ensure that the bridge is removed safely, quickly and with the minimum of inconvenience to residents.Articles Connexes:

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Life in the Red Zone

Green commits team for Portland Pro AmWestfield Vancouver mall hosts charity sip and shopA look at dads by the numbersAverage American woman weighs as much as man in 1960sCamas placed third in Class 4A in WIAA Scholastic CupSmelt season to be proposedDeadline on school funding planGrayson named Mountain West Offensive MVPLogin Sign UpLife in the Red Zone: A close up view of spectacle, dangerDaphne Kivinen and her family had a Red Zone view when Mount St. Helens erupted

Keepsakes belonging to Daphne Kivinen from the eruption of Mount St. Helens on May 18, 1980. (Zachary Kaufman/The Columbian)

Daphne Kivinen talks to The Columbian on April 25 about her experience working and living behind the road blocks that had been set up before the eruption of Mount St. Helens on May 18, 1980. (Zachary Kaufman/The Columbian)

Daphne Kivinen talks about her experience working and living behind the road blocks that had been set up before the eruption of Mount St. Helens on May
cheap ray ban outlet 18, 1980. (Zachary Kaufman/The Columbian)

Daphne Kivinen 1980 permit to enter the Red Zone around the volcano. (handout)

Keepsakes belonging to Daphne Kivinen from the eruption of Mount St. Helens on May 18, 1980. (Zachary Kaufman/The Columbian)

Living a dozen miles from the volcano, Daphne Kivinen and her family had a Red Zone view 34 years ago when Mount St. Helens blew itself apart.

"We were watching a spectacular eruption," Kivinen said.

Huge ice chunks flew through the air, she recalled. "It made its own electricity, and you could see lightning."

At another vantage point, they could see ripples coming at them across Yale Lake. When those ripples lapped onto the shore, the ground
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"That was the first time I could see an earthquake coming at me," Kivinen said.

It was quite a spectacle. Then the group went to Kivinen’s house for lunch. When they turned on the television, the day changed.

"Then it was a tragedy," Kivinen said. "I felt awful. We never realized how much devastation was going on on the north side. We were shocked that people were hurt."

Now a Vancouver resident, Kivinen was Daphne Webb when Mount St. Helens erupted on May 18, 1980. Forest Service, and her former husband, Tom Webb, drove a log truck. With children Scott (he was 13 back then) and Wendy (she was 10), they lived in Cowlitz County, southwest of the peak.

Kivinen worked at the St. Helens Ranger Station. She was a clerk typist in an office that now houses the Pine Creek Information Station, southeast of Mount St. Helens just above Swift Reservoir.

There was a buildup to the catastrophic eruption, including a swarm of earthquakes under Mount St. Helens. They were so small that the office staff didn’t feel them, she said.

In March, "the day
cheap ray bans it did pop off for the first time, we were in the office, and we heard it,"
fake ray bans Kivinen said. "We assumed it was a logging company" that had been using dynamite to build a road.

The office staff was transferred to another work site. Members of a dozen households that lived there had to relocate: They called themselves the Pine Creek refugees.

Road blocks went up and Gov. Dixy Lee Ray established the Red Zone, barring the public from areas around the volcano.

"I had been out with some Forest Service people on Saturday night. On Sunday morning, my husband and I were supposed to go cutting firewood," but she wanted to sleep in.Articles Connexes:

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Seattle winery forced to change name

SEATTLE A Seattle winery is changing the label on one of its best selling bottles after a California business sent a cease and desist letter, citing similarities between the two company names.

Bartholomew Winery, a
cheap michael kors two person, husband and wife winemaker in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood, originally named one of their Bordeaux style blends for their only child, Jaxon. They started bottling and selling the wine in 2007, and make about 1,200 bottles a year, owners said.

Jackson Family Wines, which owns the widely distributed Kendall Jackson brand, recently sent Bartholomew a letter saying their "Jaxon" label poses a threat.

"JFW believes BWI’s use of the JAXON mark
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet will cause confusion amongst wine consumers and dilute the JACKSON Family of Marks," the letter reads.

"I’m a glass half
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet full guy, so we’re kind of well, we’re on someone’s radar here," Fawbush said. "They adopted a name we thought it would indeed confuse consumers, especially being in the wine space as well. We reached an amicable settlement."

Kendall Jackson has made America’s number one selling Chardonnay for 23 years, Hunke added. He would not say how many bottles the company sells.

Legal spats over naming rights are happening more often, according to a recent report from NPR. Just last week, Ballard based Peddler Brewery said it agreed
cheap michael kors to change the name of their Tangerine Wheat beer, after California’s Lost Coast sent a similar letter, citing a trademark.

"(There’s just) one similarity," said Jaxon Fawbush, Bart’s son and the wine’s namesake. "That’s just how
Michael Kors outlet it’s pronounced. I’m still trying to understand it. I don’t understand it."

The winery said changing the name
cheap Michael Kors on the bottle was much cheaper than fighting it.

"I don’t have a legal team. My legal team consists of me. I’m the person who takes out
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet the garbage here as well also. I’m the janitorial staff," joked Fawbush. "We don’t have the resources to fight something like that and time as well."Articles Connexes:

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