Dillon’s Haywire Ricky Fuck Bot

Written on 21 January 2020 by

ManUp Films is at it again with one of their odd, strangely sexy scenes pairing up the dynamic duo, Dillon Diaz and Ricky Larkin for a hot fuckfest.

In this scene, Dillon Diaz is a robot maker and he is working on the final touches of his new “Ricky Bot” product in a kitchen. Ricky seems to be malfunctioning, and can’t tell that he is drinking from an empty cup.  Dillon has to deliver him the next day to a client, and needs to sort this out. He freezes Ricky to run some diagnostics, but while he’s testing him in command mode, Dillon can’t help but to creep a little on his sexy robot.  He put a learning chip in Ricky, so he attempts to teach him verbally in command mode the difference between “full” and “empty.”

Ricky glitches out and proceeds to fill his creator’s ass with his robot dick. Dillon cannot overpower his strong robot, so he has to go along with it.  After a really hard ass fucking, Dillon tries to explain the difference between “full” and “empty” again, which leads to Ricky eating his ass, then shoving his robot cock in Dillon’s mouth.

dillons haywire ricky bot 1

dillons haywire ricky bot 3

dillons haywire ricky bot 2

dillons haywire ricky bot 4

dillons haywire ricky bot 5

humiliated by dillon and ricky 5

Jax Fucks Muscle Bottom Manny

Written on 10 January 2020 by

Tall Jax and tanned Manny run through the surf on a gorgeous day at the beach, flexing and riding their skimboards before getting some privacy so they can ride each other! Manny cops a feel of Jax’s huge cock and needs to see it, then impresses the tall top with his deepthroating abilities.

Then it’s time for Manny’s tight ass to get stretched, and that huge cock makes him cum harder than either of them expected before Jax jizzes all over Manny’s face. “Fuck that was a big load!” Manny says as Jax licks off his own cum. Jax replies incredulously, “MY load? Did you see YOUR load?  This scene carries on the Sean Cody hot boys fucking tradition!







Meat Me in the Middle

Written on 31 December 2019 by

Horny hot newbie, Hayden Lee gets schooled by porn superstars Josh Brady and Aiden Garcia in this balls to the wall, big dick threesome! Aiden and Hayden cover brawntastic beefcake Brady with cock-hungry kisses as the porn boys plaster the floor with three pairs of boner hugging briefs.

Stripped and dicked, Josh jumps onto the bed. With big dick bravado, he stands as the two twinks tag team his huge dick with thirsty throats. Excited to test drive Hayden’s hot little mouth, Aiden stands, his stiffness swaying with impressive heft. Hayden takes the hint, then takes on both super schlongs with surprising skill for such a young fuck. Returning the favor, Garcia gets on all fours. He gobbles down Lee’s large dick, while Brady hits his horned up hole from the back. Sensing Hayden’s hole is hungry too, ass master Brady lays down, offering Lee a raw ride on his swollen cock.

Then the thrusty thrupple explode into overdrive, taking and receiving in nearly every erotic cock cramming combination imaginable!  During an especially torrid train with Garcia getting, AND giving, Lee launches a lusty load, covering the covers with fresh cum. Then, he offers his mouth to his mammoth cocked friends, which they gladly accept, plastering the pretty boy’s entire face with a flood of cum.







Beaux Banks Gets Barebacked by the Doctor

Written on 22 December 2019 by

Super sexually active patient Beaux Banks is at Dr. Ryan Rose’s office for a consultation. After changing into his hospital gown, the Doctor comes in to chat with Beaux about his sexual history. When Beaux reveals he still has multiple loads in him from the night before, Ryan instructs him to bend over so he can take a look. Just as Dr. Rose spreads Beaux’s cheeks, Beaux pushes out a thick load from his ass that narrowly misses the Doctor. Extremely turned on by the cum that just shot out of Beaux’s butthole, Ryan dives right in with his tongue and rims out Beaux’s experienced backside.

After licking his patient’s ass, Ryan gives Beaux what he really wants when he slides his hard, raw dick deep into Beaux’s hungry hole.   With his gloved hands, Dr. Rose holds Beaux by the hips while he rapidly works his cock into the stud’s ass. Ryan wants another warm hole around his cock, so Beaux gets on his knees and deepthroats the big dick that was just up his ass. After feeding his patient his meat, Ryan lays back on the exam table to let Beaux ride him bareback as hard as he wants. Beaux bouncing up and down on the doc’s powerful cock before hopping off to 69 with the Dirty Doctor.

Ryan takes control once more when he fucks Beaux on his back until he shoots thick ropes all over Beaux’s cock and hole. To get Beaux over the finish line, Ryan shoves his cock back in sending Beaux over the edge and covering his abs with his cum.







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