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Tyler Fucks Chip’s Bubble Butt at Breed Me Raw!

3 August 2016

In addition to being a popular performer at Breed Me Raw, Tyler Reed is also the director. Wearing both of these hats definitely has some advantages. Namely, Tyler can pretty much bring back any model for more scenes whenever he gets the urge to fuck them again! Tyler Reed loves big bubble butts, so he […]

Bad Seed from Treasure Island Media

14 August 2013

Bad Seed is more than just the title of Treasure Island Media’s newest hardcore fuck video. It is also an apt description for the video’s co-director, Pony Hunter. In case you don’t follow the studio’s ongoing PR narrative, Paul Morris has finally found an ideal protege. After searching far and wide for someone as depraved […]

Austin, Preston, and Sage Play "Human Centipede" at Bareback That Hole

7 August 2013

In this hot new scene from Bareback That Hole starring Austin, Preston, and Sage, the three hunks get into so many different positions and formations that they almost start to resemble a male cheerleading squad! B (clap clap clap) A (clap clap clap) R (clap clap clap) E (clap clap clap) BACK (clap clap clap). What […]

Damon Dogg in Fuck'd Stoopid at Naked Sword

30 July 2013

In a kindergarten classroom, the kids who follow the rules are the stars. But once those same kids get out onto the playground, it's the badboys who get all of the attention! That's pretty much how things work in the gay porn world, too. A lot of gay porn consumers will tell you that they […]

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